The Many Health Benefits of Bingo

Not only is bingo a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy, but it also has some positive mental health benefits, especially for the elderly. Keep these benefits in mind the next time you think about skipping out on a fun and exciting game.

Concentration. Bingo involves a lot of concentration. Letting your concentration slip, even for just a second, could be the difference between winning and losing a game. The more often you play, the sharper you concentration gets.
Coordination. Most people choose to play a single game with many different bingo cards, which means that they have to mark off the numbers on multiple cards at a fast pace. Players also have to be able to recognize a winning card and call it out in a timely manner to make sure that they do not miss their prize.
Stimulus. The fast pace of the game makes it very intellectually stimulating. The chance of winning also creates excitement, which leads to an increase in the release of endorphins.

Memory. Since bingo requires serious concentration, it is also beneficial to short-term memory. Players have to remember the number that was called, even if it is just for a short period of time, to make sure that they are able to mark it down.
Social. Many people become more isolated as they get older. Going out to play bingo in a social setting allows senior citizens to enjoy the company of others, which can help to decrease the chance of depression.
For more information on how regular games of bingo can help to improve your mental health, contact the Walnut Creek Aquanuts. You can also visit us at the Blue Devils Bingo Hall at 4065 Nelson Ave. in Concord, California for a fun and exciting bingo game.