Don’t Miss Special Pik A Pet Games

Each time you come in to play during a Sunday or a Tuesday session, you will receive a “Pik a Pet” game card as a good neighbor winner. These game cards can only be played during the following Thursday day-time bingo session. The winner of the special “Pik a Pet” game will get to pick a Pet with an envelope. Each of the envelopes contain a free play as well as different cash prizes. The cash prize can be worth up to 4 times its original value, depending on the card character, with a possibility to win up to $1,000 prize!

There are certain rules that come along with the “Pik a Pet” game, including:

The winning “Pik a Pet” game card must have a valid date stamp punch.
The cash value on the game cards is based on the card characters, which are:
“Lion” card has 4 times the cash value.
“Tinman” has 3 times the cash value.
“Scarecrow” has 2 times the cash value.
“Dorothy” has an even money cash value.
For more information on the special “Pik a Pet” games, contact the Walnut Creek Aquanuts, or simple come in and visit the Blue Devil Bingo Hall at 4065 Nelson Ave. in Concord, California on Sunday or Tuesday Aquanuts Bingo Session.