Bingo Fun Facts

All of the fun and excitement of bingo has been around since the 1500s, and has evolved into the game that is played today. Keep these interesting facts about the game in mind to impress all of your friends the next time you are playing bingo.

The game of bingo was originally known as “beano” since players covered numbers with beans. The game became known as bingo when a very excited player yelled “bingo” instead of “beano.”
Bingo was started as a way to teach German children about history and numbers.
Carl Leffler, who was a math professor at Columbia University, went insane after coming up with 6,000 number combinations for bingo.
Bingo gained popularity when it was used by churches as a fundraising event.
Many bingo players are very superstitious. Some players have a lucky chair, lucky numbers, or lucky pens. To keep bad luck away, many of these superstitious players will also go around their chairs three times before sitting down.
The extra skin on the underside of your arms is known as “bingo wings.”
More women named Margaret win bingo more often than women with any other name.
Most people play bingo because they genuinely enjoy the game. People only rank winning as the 5th reason why they play.
Most people who play bingo also love cats.
Playing bingo has many mental health benefits. Many studies have shown that people who play bingo are much better at certain mental activities than people who do not play bingo.
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